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The most durable rubber dog toys - made from natural rubber, designed to last!

High-Quality natural rubber dog toys

Choose from our diverse collection of rubber dog toys! PlayDog offers toys for play and training that are durable, high-quality, and safe for the teeth and health of your pets. Each toy is made with love and attention to detail – just as we would make it for our own furry friends.

– Dimensions: 40x16x2.3cm
– Weight: 600g
– Composition: natural rubber

– Diameter: 28cm
– Thickness: 4cm
– Weight: 1kg
– Composition: natural rubber

– Diameter: 7cm
– Weight: 230g
– Composition: natural rubber

Dimensions: 24×3.2cm
– Weight: 220g
– Composition: natural rubber

– Dimensions: 20x6cm
– Weight: 300g
– Composition: natural rubber

– Diameter: 20cm
– Weight: 160g
– Composition: natural rubber

Why choose PlayDog?

Our mission is to solve the problem for pet owners and thus provide the highest quality and most durable dog toys. All our products have EU quality certification and are safe for your pets’ health and teeth. Our rubber dog toys are characterized by their durability – dogs play with them for months, some even for years!


All our toys are made of natural rubber, which is resistant and soft to the touch. Each toy is carefully designed and manufactured to be attractive to dogs while enduring their activities. 



Our dog toys are extremely durable. We are aware that dogs can be very energetic and demanding when it comes to toys, so our toys are designed to withstand vigorous chewing, throwing, and tugging. 



Safety is our top priority. Every toy we produce is safe for your dog. We use only natural materials without toxic substances; the toys themselves are designed to minimize the risk of choking or injury.



We know that each dog has its unique preferences when it comes to play. That’s why our range of dog toys includes different shapes, sizes, and textures, each providing different types of stimulation. 

The highest quality
natural rubber

Our rubber dog toys are made from the highest quality natural rubber. This ensures that our durable and high-quality rubber dog toys are resistant to chewing while remaining safe and harmless to your pets' teeth.

Happy owners

See what our satisfied clients have to say about our dog toys! Our products are tested and approved by professionals and dog lovers. Read their stories about how our rubber dog toys have enhanced their dogs’ play and training.
Mladen Ljusić
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Greetings! I have purchased your toy, the largest one, for pulling. It still lasts after about a year, which is truly incredible since my Stafford doesn't spare it. He torments it every day hahahaha... The other toys we bought were destroyed within a day at most...usually within a couple of hours or minutes. All praise for Play Dog!
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We received the toy, and we're thrilled with the Ring. Thank you once again for your kindness and professionalism, kudos and all recommendations for the products and customer relationship.
Dog Training MikiSamba
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In our years of professional work with dogs, we have used various toys, but the quality of PlayDog stands out from all of them!
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Top-notch product and quality, already tested, and a real lure for my dog.
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Both my dog and I are more than satisfied, he can't part with his new toy. He can't manage to tear it apart.
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After 6 months, the Rubber stick is still intact. It really is extraordinary! Well done, the first toy he hasn't shredded after a day or two.
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The toys we bought are the best investment ever. They still look brand new, truly unbelievable!
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My dog can't part with the Ring! This has never happened before!

And their lovely happy dogs!

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