Toys for Large Dogs

Toys for large dogs are designed to meet these beautiful creatures’ needs and strength. All our toys for large dogs are made of high-quality natural rubber that is exceptionally durable. Whether your dog is a fan of pulling, chewing, or throwing, we have a wide selection of toys that will provide hours of entertainment and activity. From stretchy toys for pulling to indestructible rubber rings, our toys for large dogs are designed to withstand intensive use and provide unlimited fun for your dog.

– Dimensions: 20x6cm
– Weight: 300g
– Composition: natural rubber

– Diameter: 7cm
– Weight: 230g
– Composition: natural rubber

– Diameter: 28cm
– Thickness: 4cm
– Weight: 1kg
– Composition: natural rubber

– Dimensions: 40x16x2.3cm
– Weight: 600g
– Composition: natural rubber

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